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Silicone-Oil-Lubricated Intermittent Catheters

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Why Choose OneCath Silicone-Oil-Lubricated Intermittent Urinary Catheter?

100% Fire-Polished Eyelets

OneCath features super-smooth fire-polished eyelets that offer pain-free catheterization, minimizing risk of developing micro-abrasions which can lead to buildup of scar tissue in the long term.

Silicon Oil Lubricated

Silicon oil is known to have antimicrobial quality, lubricating the catheter surface with silicon oil for smoother and more comfortable insertion.

Quiet, Easy-Open Packaging

The noise-free Poly Medical Paper packaging features a simple peel-back opening for easy open, discreetness, and portability.
The sheath works to provide non-touch insertion, maximizing hygiene and control while minimizing any risk of infection. Polished eyelets are also in place for more comfortable insertion and withdrawal.

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