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[Healthcare Sample] OneCath® Lubricated 30 pcs / Box

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Get your sample for your patients. 

* To verify your identification, please use the email address provided by your healthcare institution or use your work address as the shipping address. We will cover the shipping costs of the samples.

▫️ 30 catheters per sample box request
▫️ DEHP, BPA, and Latex Free
▫️ Pre-lubricated with medical-grade silicone oil
▫️ 100% Fire-Polished Eyelets
▫️ Quiet, easy-open packaging
▫️ Available in straight and Coudé tip
▫️ Available in sizes: 14FR, 16 inch

    Monthly renewals by insurance: If you like to order catheters, our customer service can help you set your insurance.