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What is a self catheter?

What do the different sizes mean?

What types of catheters are there?

What is CompactCath?

What is special about CompactCath?

How do I operate CompactCath?

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CompactCath features

Is it lubricated?

Is CompactCath latex free?

How do I drain?

Does it have a receptacle?

How long is CompactCath?

Are there separate models for men and women?

Is CompactCath reusable?

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How many samples will I receive?

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Using CompactCath

Where is the lubricant? I don’t see any on mine.

How does the drainage spout work?

Where do I drain?

Where is the handle? What is it used for?

Reimbursed through insurance

Do I need a prescription?

What is a distributor?

What information will I need to give you?

What will the cost be?

Common Mistakes

My catheter is stuck. Why can’t I pull it out of its case?

Why is there a kink in my catheter?