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Why They Choose CompactCath?

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Excellent and easy to use

Easy to use and carry anywhere.

My Life Back!

I have had BPH for years and randomly I get a spasm were I need to use a catheter. I have them nearby at all times and its great to know I dont have a thing to worry about.

The instructions both written and video were extremely helpful

The best yet!

The best yet!

OneCath® Lubricated

Very Pleased

Both Lite and Classic are easy to use. Love the idea I can keep either in my pocket. Very discreet.

Most comfortable catheter experience ever

I have tried a wide variety of catheters for intermittent cauterization including Magic 3, Magic 3 Go, and more from fee samples to purchasing small quantities in an effort to reduce the discomfort of insertion and removal. My medical team assured it would get better over time. Six months out from the original no matter which solution I tried lubricated, hydrophilic, hydrophilic plus lubrication from different manufactures the discomfort has not abated. However when I tried the CompactCath Classic it was like night and day. Only very slight and very tolerable discomfort. Almost not noticeable. I think the silicon oil and the slight smaller diameter catheter both contributed. As a Bonus it was a whole lot less messier to deal with from beginning of the procedure to the end. I will admit that it took a few days to get comfortable with handling the novel system but now it's second hand thanks to the videos and instructions sent with the delivery. Also a shout out to the CompactCath folks for hooking me up with 180Medical as my supplier. Much, Much easier to deal with than my formal supplier.

Very convenient and easy to use

Used the Lite cath and found it very convenient and easy to use.

Both the compact and the regular worker very well.

Satisfied Customer

Finally can empty my bladder in seconds instead of standing there for what seems forever!!!!!!

CompactCath Sample Pack

GREAT products!! I will be ordering all my caths from CompactCath.

Hi, Thanks You So Much and Appreciated for urs great amazing Sample Order, the CompactCath Sample Cath Pack is Very..Convenience to Carry or put it in a purse or pocket wherever you go, and I would liked to try the (Female) 12Fr Straight Long Cath. The Services is Amazing Excellent, and the Shipping is Fast. Thanks Again for all your kindness.

Good Product

The no touch option is the best for helping prevent a common problem w self cathing...UTI. These caths are easy insert, no touch and well lubricated.

Loved the service

When I ordered these I wasn’t expecting them that soon. They are a lot easier too use then the last catheter I had, thank you for great service and checking up with me! I will be using your services from here on out. Again Thank you

Great product

Very convenient to use

Haven’t tried it yet - got them for travelling

Best I’ve used! Way better than water based lubricant.

No infections or irritation like my old water based catheters


works well!

All is good. I’m trying to come to a final decision on lubricants and style. Thank you

Very good

Very nice how do i buy?

Received samplers on time as promised. Went to bathroom to try a new cath
for first time, embarrass to admit, got too excited for new cath and started emptying my bladder on its own.I still had to finish with catheter.Catheter went in very easy.No problem coming out as with some brand I used befor that turn your urethra insid out.Definitely will use in a future.

Cath lubricated



I especially like the ability to carry it in public concealed in a shirt pocket

Hi Otis, thank you for your feedback. This is very encouraging to us!

Easy to Carry

Was the best thing I have found or used will be ordering again. They are great for travel or just being away from home. I just carry one in my pocket all the time.

Hi Bell, glad that you find it helpful to your life. This is what we do at CompactCath :)


These compact catheters are easy to use and allow you to be comfortable and confident you will be able to use this catheter. The package it comes in is small and easy to discretely slip into a pocket or purse. No more worries for me, I’m on the road again.

Hi Green! Thank you for your feedback! This mean a lot to us!

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