CompactCath® Lite
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CompactCath® Lite

✓ The world’s most compact catheter
✓ Coated with medical-grade silicone oil
✓ Ready-to-use and no dripping liquid, regardless of your dexterity level!

CompactCath® Lite is our latest pre-lubricated compact intermittent catheter.
Upgraded packaging and detachable tube.

It offers the same compact size along with a protective sleeve that enables a 100% touch-free insertion. Extremely easy to use and like CompactCath® Classic, is lubricated with silicone oil that has proven antimicrobial qualities.

Available now in both straight and coude tip.

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The World’s Most Compact Catheter  Now Even Smaller and Easier to Use

CompactCath® LITE is the world’s smallest full-sized catheter and is 100% touch-free and 100% easy to use regardless of your dexterity level!

Designed to fit wherever you go, the discreet design fits into your busy schedule – all while providing the ease of use you’ve come to expect from CompactCath.


Product Benefits

  • Ready to use out of the package
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Pre-lubricated with Silicone oil that is known to have antimicrobial qualities
  • The smallest full length catheter: 16″ (40 cm) in a tiny pocket-size packaging
  • Available in size 14FR (12FR and 16FR Coming Soon)
  • Available in Straight and Coude tips

Join the thousands who have already made the switch!

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CompactCath® Lite

✓ Non-touch Insertion
✓ Coated with Medical-grade Silicone Oil
✓ Ready-to-use and No Dripping Liquid
✓ Upgraded packaging and detachable tube

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CompactCath® Classic

✓ Non-touch Insertion
✓ Coated with Medical-grade Silicone Oil
✓ Ready-to-use and No Dripping Liquid

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OneCath® Classic

✓ Classic and Affordable
✓ Comes with Lubricating Jelly

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CompactCath is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurances; and available through distributors nationwide.

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