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[Bundle] CompactCath Lite + OneCath Lubricated

$102.09 $102.09


CompactCath® Lite 30pcs / box 
+ OneCath® Lubricated 30pcs / box
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✔️  Ready-to-use: Already pre-lubricated with Silicone oil coating.

✔️  No need to wait for lubrication.


▫️ 100% DEHP, BPA, and Latex Free
▫️ Hygienic, Non-touch insertion
▫️ Compact, true pocket-size
▫️ Pre-lubricated with medical-grade silicone oil
▫️ Fire-polished eyelets
▫️ Drainage control
▫️ Unisex
▫️ External Diameter: 0.16" Length: 16.0”
    Each Box contains 30 catheters 


CompactCath Lite offers the same compact size along with a protective sleeve that enables a 100% touch-free insertion. It is extremely easy to use and like CompactCath® Classic, is lubricated with silicone oil that has proven antimicrobial qualities.

OneCath® Lubricated is the most affordable, high-quality intermittent straight catheter on the market. It strikes a balance between flexibility and rigidity, giving you maximum control and comfort when handling, inserting and draining the catheter. 

And of course, our catheters are all DEHP-free, BPA-free, rubber-free, and latex-free! Feel safe and comfortable using your catheters on a daily basis.

Available now in both straight and coude tip.


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