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CompactCath® is a revolutionary pre-lubricated, non-touch intermittent urinary catheter for users looking for a compact, discreet, and easy-to-use solution that fits seamlessly in their lives. 

  • Extra Lubrication Option: We understand that individual needs may vary. For those who prefer additional lubrication, the CompactCath Classic is compatible with most water-based lubrication gels. This allows you to customize your experience for optimal comfort.

The CompactCath Classic Intermittent Catheter with its pre-lubrication and compatibility with additional lubrication gels offers a comfortable and convenient solution for catheterization.

CompactCath is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance, so if you like our catheters, our team would be happy to help you get more through your insurance!

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L.L. (Secaucus, US)
what a relieve

the first use was confusing,, but now i mastered it and insertion is so simple and smooth there is no pain at all or discomfort. I am totally satisfied and so glad for these catheters. I will be ordering more.

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