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Using Additional Lubrication with CompactCath Classic

For those who prefer additional lubrication for a more comfortable insertion experience, the CompactCath Classic is compatible with most water-based lubrication gels. Here's how to use the catheter with additional lubrication:


1.Open the Lubrication Gel Packet: Tear or cut a small opening at each end of the lubrication gel packet.

2.Prepare the Catheter: Gently pull back the white plastic sleeve of theCompactCath Classic to expose the catheter tip.

3.Apply Lubrication Gel: passing the catheter through the entire lubricationgel packet.

4.Grip Sleeve: you use the gel packet as grip sleeve for catheter insertion.

5.Catheter Insertion: Refer to the separate instructions provided with yourCompactCath Classic for proper insertion technique. The additional lubrication may require slight adjustments to your usual insertion process.

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